You may have the best idea in the world, if you don’t know how to explain it to others, it will go unnoticed.

1 - Questionnaire

It all starts with you

To create a video, we start by identifying the need.
We have prepared a questionnaire to help you express your requirements.
Tell us about your objectives, your audience characteristics, your strengths ...

2 - Scripting

This is where the magic begins

You have completed the questionnaire, thank you again for your trust!
We are studying your answers, your website, your social networks, your graphic universe ....
From these elements, we will elaborate a script and a scenario.



We will propose a script that the voice-over artist will read throughout your video.


What is happening

We will create a textual description of the video to help you visualize our proposal before production begins.

3 - Visual production

We are getting to the heart of the matter

Once the script and scenario have been approved, we begin visual production.

For animated videos


If you choose an animated video, the next step after the scripting is storyboarding.
We will design the graphic elements, they will be presented in the form of a comic strip.
You will then be able to give us your feedback on the elements provided.

For filming

Shooting day

Once the script and scenario are approved, we book an appointment for a shooting date.
Our team will come to your premises to record the elements agreed upon during the scriptwriting process.

4 - Animation / Editing

We're almost done

Most of the elements needed to make your video have been produced, so we are now entering the post-production phase.

For Animated Videos


This step consists of bringing life to the elements produced previously, once completed, you will receive a first draft of the video.

For Filmed Videos


Once the shooting day is over, our team will carry out the editing of the video: mixing, titling, colorimetry ...

5 - Sound

Listen ...

Sound design is a key ingredient for a successful video.

Sound effects

Any language, any accent...